I’ve received praise for my intuitive work (with both animals and people) from folks as diverse as shamanic healers, veterinarians, professional pet sitters, animal rescue workers, zoo guides, executive leadership coaches, business owners, retirement planners, landscape designers, and more. Read on for their glowing testimonials.


Praise for Harmony’s intuitive work with animals and people…

“Harmony is an extraordinary Shamanic Healer.”

The Compassionate Beings flow through her on all levels, reaching into her clients hearts and transfiguring their troubles. Harmony has the rare gift of language doctoring. Through her stories and words the spirits deliver the perfect medicine for each client. You will be taken on a dream ride that your unconscious mind will fully understand. As the dream unfolds your blockages melt, opening up fresh space in your soul. With Harmony as their bridge, the Compassionate Beings fill each space with brilliant healing light, moving you back into your divine perfection. Harmony’s insight and compassion are the magic openings that allow this all to flow. As a trusted Certified Shamanic Healer, Harmony is a powerful cornerstone in SpiritHealer School of Shamanism.

~ Carla Meeske
Shamanic Healer for Animals & People
SpiritHealer School of Shamanism

 “…Wisdom that simply gobsmacked me…”

I am skeptical by nature but also intrigued by the unknown. 

When I spoke with Harmony about receiving business wisdom from my animals, my skepticism and intrigue were in lockstep and ready to dismiss anything that wasn’t completely accurate and clear.  What followed was wisdom that simply gobsmacked me with its relevance and clarity.

Whether the message came from my cat or its messenger Harmony, my belief in her ability is bring business wisdom and value to any business leader is no longer in doubt.

I endorse this work.  It’s definitely a step of faith to believe that there might be a message from your animals for your business.  But who are we kidding.  We know our pets know us better than most humans.  So why not take the opportunity to grow as a leader and engage a thoughtful coach through this amazing work.

Thank you Harmony for your insight.  Vito says hi.  (Though it sounded like meow to me….)

~Victoria H. Trabosh
Executive Coach

“You absolutely confirmed that she is still here…”

This letter is written with so much gratitude in my heart. When Jazz, my maltese, passed I was so devastated, heartbroken and sad. Every day I wondered where she was, can she see me, can she hear me. It was pure torture and very painful because I missed my best friend.

You absolutely confirmed that she is still here (in spirit) and able to communicate. You validated so many important things that happened between me and Jazz that only I could know. I feel great peace now knowing that she is near me and that I can communicate with her through you.

Thank you for the gift of giving Jazz back to my heart so it can heal.

~ Mary Carter
Professional Pet Sitter
Greenwich, CT

“Nothing less than miraculous…”

I found the animal communication sessions that I had with Harmony and my dogs to be very helpful.

My dog Elmo is a papillon and came to me after his owner had died. I have known Elmo since he was a puppy. He is a very good dog but sometimes we had disagreements about how far he would go from me and the fact that he would sometimes “snark” (a combination of bark and snarl but no biting) at other dogs and some other minor issues.

The results of our session are nothing less than miraculous in my eyes. Elmo and I are closer, we communicate better and I understand better many of the things that he does. His snarking has become a bit less, he stays closer and when he goes off (not far) I know what he is doing.

For both the dogs the sessions seemed to make a big difference. They are both calmer and more settled. There is a stronger bond of love between the three of us that is very comforting and wonderful. I would recommend this experience for anyone with an animal in their life. I think it is everyone’s dream to talk to their animals, now it can happen. It is worth every penny.

Jewelry Designer
Bandon, Oregon

“Harmony Harrison’s intuitive energy work is impressive.”

She is very talented.  Her sessions are incredibly powerful yet deeply and gently compassionate. What I most enjoy is Harmony’s self-confidence.  She approaches the issue presented, not with abandon and blind trust, but with the openness to accept the images and stories her “Team” offers her.  Harmony’s intuitive energetic work is always on solid footing.  I never felt skeptical or unsteady with the information she offered me.  Well worth every penny!  Her work is definitely of the upper echelon.

~ E.C.
Animal Communicator
Guinea Pig Rescuer
Boston, MA

“I was given a path towards my own quest for healing…”

Harmony took me and my dog Scout on the most amazing Shamanic journey for the purpose of helping Scout release his deep sadness and adjust to his new situation.

Over the last seven months Scout has lost his two people and two of his three canine housemates.  With no one to take care of him, Scout was taken from his home and separated from his only remaining canine family member.  Terrified and defensive, Scout’s fear had earned him the title of dangerous and unpredictable.

With the help of her guides and many supportive tribes of [spirit] animals, Harmony led us on a soul journey, where Scout was shown the beauty and worth of his true self and I was given the gift of release from a distorted vision of early childhood.

With incredibly powerful imagery we were swept along in an almost dizzying spell into the non-ordinary reality of the lower world…  [Scout’s]  soul connection with his person was not broken, but he now has a new perspective on life and is making great strides towards becoming whole, as he awaits his new forever home.  There was an offer of healing for his person, who struggles between life and death and grieves for all that she has lost, most especially her beloved Scout.

Harmony relayed what Scout needed from me to support his transition. He requested a new name to mark his transformation. The image of the sunflower became the emblem of his new-found strength and grace. I was given a path towards my own quest for healing and a new perspective…

I am grateful for Harmony’s love and support and her ability to attract the wondrous beings who seem to know just what is needed for each one of us and provide that in abundance. The most powerful gift I received from the journey is a stronger feeling of connection to All That Is and an appreciation of how much love and support is out there if we only open up and accept it.

~ Dr. Evelyn Elkin Giefer
Holistic Veterinarian
North Carolina
Moonbeam Medica


Praise for Harmony’s intuitive coaching & healing…

Even after several months of sessions, I continue to be so impressed and amazed with her versatility and wealth of knowledge…”

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from such a compassionate and gifted teacher like Harmony.  Her coaching style is truly unique, drawing on extensive training in the areas of intuitive healing, shamanism, business and life coaching.

Through our work, I’ve gained tremendous insight into who I am and who I’m becoming that would be impossible to achieve on my own.  Starting a new business has brought out many of my vulnerabilities and Harmony has guided me through some rough spots with her gentle approach yet also firm leadership.  I leave each session feeling supported in so many ways and her insights are right on target.  They stop me in my tracks because they are so peg on, it’s like shining a laser beam on a problem or issue that’s been holding me back giving me the light and direction to transcend it.

Our work has been profound and I am so appreciative!

~ Lisa Alessi
Executive Leadership Coach
Renaissance Learner

“I wish I had met Harmony years ago…”

I think of how often I have delayed taking action, fearing to make a decision that would send me in the wrong direction.  I felt like there was something I wasn’t seeing, some factor that I sensed but could not identify. Working with Harmony moves me through these hesitations.  Her insights bring to light the missing piece, I can then make a conscious decision, and I am ready to be coached through the practical action steps. I’m feeling really at peace and happy, knowing that there are choices and options. What is ending is the sense of fear, the sense of not having enough… And I find my own intuition easier to hear and respect now.  I love the marriage of intuition and practical action that Harmony offers, it is perfect for how I want to be in business, and in life!”

~ Penny Towndrow
Retirement Planner

“I was able to generate $15,000 in new sales and secure three new long-term projects…”

Harmony has taught me specific ways to reliably tap into my intuition. Following through, from moment to moment, on what my gut is telling me, I have been able to create balance and achievement on a day-to-day basis as well as in manifesting enormous accomplishments.

During one particularly productive period, I was able to generate $15,000 in new sales and secure three new long-term projects in the week before I was heading out of town on what turned out to be one of the most magical traveling experiences I’ve ever had.  I returned home to find a great new apartment and meet an incredible new guy.  I can’t wait to live what’s next!

~ Becky Bourdeau
Landscape Designer & Entrepreneur
The City Outside

“The work with Harmony is the most valuable work I’ve ever done.”

I was in the middle of the ocean, dehydrated, terrified, with sun poisoning, so so sad and scared and lost that I was just starting to numb over. Harmony’s work is like the life boat that comes and rescues the most sensitive inner chambers of your heart, swaddles it in love, and gently brings it back into the shore. If you don’t know where to go, go to Harmony. She is a high priestess with an intuition as sharp as a newly furbished sword.

~ Emily Tepper
Prosperity Guide
Prosperity Path

“Harmony is what her name says – and she shares it generously!”

It’s such a joy to be coached and find your very own Harmony. I was able to drop some heavy baggage easily, and not only is it still gone – there have been such insights because of it! Most of it was hidden and I wasn’t even aware of it. Now I feel like a cork that has been held underwater, and has now been released!

I am able to see past patterns of co-dependence in a light of compassion for myself and the others parties. Such an energy recovery. I am also able to see my own unique gifts and be pleased with them instead of trying to sweep them under the carpet. This is an amazing shift – accepting yourself is a major Success!

My body is so happy that I have graduated to paying attention to what it’s telling me, and I am seeing great results in that area, also.

Because of my session with Harmony, I am able to take the new perspectives and apply them readily to many areas and situations. And because of Harmony’s coaching, I like ME! Thank you, Harmony!!

~ Annette Pedersen
Professional Zoo Guide

“Harmony is a skilled intuitive coach & healer.”

Every time I’ve spoken with her, I have felt completely safe in her presence. She deeply listens and has a warm, feminine energy that moves you forward gently while providing excellent support.

~ Auretha Callison
Fashion Stylist & Aliveness Coach

Maria Lesetz“Harmony was spot-on with her intuition…”

I came to Harmony with a business idea for a brand new coaching program I will be offering really soon.  I was looking for her intuitive insights and some coaching around how to best brand and market this program so that it reflects my style of coaching while simultaneously reflecting the benefits that people would receive from it.

Harmony was spot-on with her intuition in deciphering what brand worked for me and asked the right questions to elicit some excellent brainstorming on my end, which created a new “brand” for my fabulous programs!  It’s catchy, simple and captures who I am and exactly what my clients will get when they sign up for my programs — my high vibe energy that will take them right into the vortex!  Wooosh!

She helped me to see that I can design my programs around the “fun vibe” coupled with a profound feeling of positive transformation delivered with a compassion and understanding that is second to none.  Thank you, Harmony!

~ Maria C. Lesetz
CEO of Lovin’ Life!

“Her intuitive nature is absolutely amazing and a blessing to behold…”

I had my first session with Harmony today and she’s  a natural coach.  Her style is bold, compassionate, honest and extremely insightful.  She’s not afraid to ask powerful questions that require self-introspection on a soul level.  I knew she was on my team, holding me to my highest vision.  I’m so looking forward to continue working with Harmony.  Her intuitive nature is absolutely amazing and a blessing to behold…

Harmony is the kind of coach that brings clarity to confusion.  She can penetrate the armor of illusion to help you get to your truth, so you can move your business forward… Harmony uses her intuition to help you get in touch with yours.  Her honesty is loving & powerful.  She should be called the WOW Coach!

Thank you, Harmony!

~ Kim Boyden
A Vibrant Presence Coaching

“Harmony is an amazing coach.”

She helped me to clarify my passion and life purpose. While I had received guidance that I wanted to help other women to love and trust themselves and step into their power, Harmony helped me to define and clarify that vision. Not only that, she helped me to have the courage to come out of hiding, be bold, and dream big. Thanks to her, I’m well on my way to making my dream a reality. I never imagined that I could pursue my passion for running and racing and help women learn how to love their bodies, acknowledge their power, and race into life with joy and enthusiasm. Thank you, Harmony!

~ Laurie Moritz
Healer and Coach


Praise for Harmony’s classes on animals and shamanism…

“You are taking us into extraordinary territory…”

OMG, what an amazing experience! I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the next call. I am loving this work, and so grateful to you for your leadership and teaching. You are taking us into extraordinary territory, and I think this pioneering approach is truly something for which we are only just becoming ready. At least, I know that’s the case for me! ~JD

“I can consistently get results.”

Before this class I could occasionally get a few things from animals but it was pretty haphazard and infrequent. I had no grasp of how it all worked. Now I can consistently get results. ~SM

“I highly recommend taking a class from her…”

I have learned a lot and it is just the beginning. I felt Harmony was very good in getting her points across, she helped clarify if you did not quite understand, she was very patient and kind. I highly recommend taking a class from her if you are interested in the art of communicating, period!  ~SK

“Eye/soul/mind opening!”

Harmony, that was freaking awesomely amazing! Wow! Wow! Wow! You totally rocked us again today! Amazing, stuff, Harmony, truly amazing stuff! This has been eye/soul/mind opening!

Thanks, so, so, so much for doing this course on GVU. I never would have thought that this would have been so powerful and enlightening for me. I’m definitely keen to continue onwards… ~ G.G., feeling great after a Shamanic Journeying class