Important Information & Disclaimer

It’s important to me that you know what I do. But even more important is that you know what I don’t do. It really matters to me that you know this information.

I am a life coach and a shamanic healer. My focus is on helping you live well in the present moment and create a meaningful future. I incorporate the lessons I’ve learned from my life and my clients’ lives into my classes, products, services, and website with the intention you use my services and information to help yourself and your animals live better lives.

I am not a therapist, psychiatrist, medical professional, or other licensed professional. My products, services, and classes, and the information on this site, are not a substitute for appropriate medical, psychological, or psychiatric care. I highly recommend that you seek the care you need from qualified, licensed health care providers and qualified, licensed psychologists and therapists. Seeking the help you need is an act of love.

I don’t provide therapy, psychiatric care, or medical advice, and I don’t work with people who require this care unless they are already working with a qualified therapist, psychiatrist, doctor, or nurse practitioner, and they have the support of this qualified professional in receiving shamanic healing and coaching.

I don’t diagnose or treat medical or psychiatric conditions, and I do not prescribe or offer advice in any form on medication. I do not give advice regarding antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication, other than to tell you to work with your health care professional on this concern. I always urge my clients to talk to a trusted doctor or other health care provider when they have concerns about medication. It’s important to work with your qualified health care provider in all medical decisions, including all decisions around medication.

Because I provide services for animals, it’s important to me that you know that I am not a veterinarian, veterinary technician, animal trainer, or animal behaviorist. My services for animals are not a substitute for appropriate veterinary care, nutrition, training, and commonsense care for animal companions. I always recommend that you seek help from a qualified veterinarian or trainer. Seeking the proper care for your animal is an act of love.

Thank you for loving yourself enough to seek the care you truly need. Thank you for loving your animals enough to seek this for them as well.