Animal Communication Credentials

Wondering how I became an animal communicator and why I can make that claim? Read on.

I’ve been training my intuition for two and a half decades. This experience has helped me me bring strong, insightful guidance to people and animals in professional sessions since 2009.


My writing about animals has appeared in:

A brief digression: I once took fifth place in an international humor writing contest judged by Dave Barry. Yes, that Dave Barry. (There were probably only five entries. Or possibly four.)

Animal Communication and Healing

  • I am professionally certified in intuitive animal communication by Marta Williams, wildlife biologist, international trainer, and author

My curriculum included beginning and advanced animal communication, medical intuition for animals, counseling for animals and their people, communicating with nature, intuitive communication in animal training, communication with horses, energy healing for animals, animal communication teacher training, and more.

  • I am certified in shamanic healing for animals through the Spirit Healer School of Shamanism, led by animal healer and shamanic explorer, Carla Meeske.

Topics of study included shamanic animal communication, classical shamanic healing techniques, addressing the spiritual causes of physical and behavioral issues, healing the human-animal bond, deep work with power animals, working with the spirits of nature, understanding the cycle of animal death and rebirth, and more.

Additional Animal Training

  • Animal communication training and case study supervision with Kristin Thompson of Animal Spirit Network.
  • Reiki for animals with Kathleen Prasad, author of Animal Reiki and founder of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association
  • Flower essences for animals with Linda Epstein, alongside years of personal study
  • Interspecies archetype training with Kathy Kawalec
  • Canine species behavior with Karla McCoy
  • Grief support and the spiritual/emotional aspects of animal death with Teresa Wagner

Spiritual Healing for Humans

  • I am certified in shamanic healing for people through The Healer’s Path, part of the Finding Your Medicine School of Shamanic Practice led by Alida Birch.

Study included core shamanic healing, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction of spiritual intrusions, healing with spiritual light, spiritual assistance with death and dying, wilderness vision quest, Celtic shamanism, deep work with spirit teachers, and more.

College Education

  • BA, Creative Writing, The Evergreen State College
  • Post-Bachelor’s Certificate, Technical Communication, Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington