Animal Communication

If you have concerns about your animals and you’re working with a qualified vet to address medical needs, then intuitive animal communication may be right for you.

If you’ve lost a beloved animal friend, animal communication can help the grieving process.

I’ve been a professional animal communicator since 2009 (please see my credentials here) and I can help you talk with your animals during times of challenge and change.

“The results of our session are nothing less than miraculous in my eyes… I would recommend this experience for anyone with an animal in their life.” ~ S.J.M.

What is animal communication?

It’s a path to understanding your animal’s perspective.

…a gentle approach to behavioral change.

…a way to deepen the bond you share.

…an intuitive method of problem-solving.

…a loving way to approach challenges such as end-of-life.

In short, animal communication blends intuition with species knowledge to improve your animals’ lives — and your life, too.

Why choose Harmony as your animal communicator?

“Harmony’s intuitive energetic work is always on solid footing.  I never felt skeptical or unsteady with the information she offered me. Her work is definitely of the upper echelon.” ~ E.C.

As a visual artist, connecting with the souls of animals is at the heart of my work. As an animal communicator, it is everything to me.

I was trained by an animal communicator who is also a scientist — a wildlife biologist — so my approach is practical and down-to-earth (much like the animals themselves).

In sessions, I combine nearly twenty-five years of intuitive experience with a lifetime of animal care. Our work together is based on respect for the animals, sensitivity to their needs as well as your own, and a spiritual connection with all life.

Even years after our work together, clients have told me how meaningful their sessions were, sometimes even life-changing. Though we focus on solving present-day problems, animal communication can open your mind and heart to wider horizons of awareness. You may find your own life transformed, as well as your beloved animal’s.

Serious issues can arise in the lives of animals, but I approach them with an artist’s awareness of the beauty within these challenges. Heartfelt laughter and love thread their way through our work together, even in times of deep concern.

“You absolutely confirmed that she is still here (in spirit) and able to communicate. You validated so many important things that happened between me and Jazz that only I could know.” ~ Mary Carter, professional pet-sitter

When your animal is in need — when you are in need of support as you care for them — please consider animal communication to help tend your well-being, as well as theirs.

How it works

In a session, I begin by connecting with your animal to see what he or she would like to share before we ask specific questions. This gives you an opportunity to confirm that I am actually talking with your friend.

For most of the session, we focus on your questions and concerns about your animal. I share my impressions of your animal’s voice, and we dance gently from topic to topic, guided by your animal’s response.

At the end, we review your animal’s requests, as well as my recommendations for changes. This can include shifts in your own life, such as lowering your family’s stress levels, which can adversely affect sensitive animals. It can also include recommendations for dietary and environmental change.

Ready to schedule a session?

I would love to meet you and your animals, whether in person or at a distance. When you’re ready to schedule a session, contact me by email. Just click the link below:

harmonywithanimals at gmail dot com


Phone Sessions

Animal communication works well both long-distance and in person. Because some animals are stressed by the presence of strangers (which I likely would be), most sessions take place over the phone.


Animal communication sessions cost $75. They typically last 50 to 60 minutes. We usually focus on the needs of one animals in your family, and often experience communication with other animal family members, too.


Audio recordings in MP3 format are available on request for phone sessions.


It’s important to know that animal communication is not veterinary care, and it’s not a substitute for veterinary care.  I’m not a veterinarian and I don’t provide veterinary advice or services. I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychiatric conditions for people or animals. Please work closely with your trusted vet for your animals’ medical needs.

Contact Harmony for your session

I’m looking forward to supporting you and your animal friends, and I’m just an email away. Here’s the email link again. Please let me know how I can help.

harmonywithanimals at gmail dot com