About Harmony Harrison


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If you meet me when I feel good, the first thing you’ll notice is my laugh. It’s big. Very big. (So’s my hair.)

The second thing you’ll notice is the cat and dog fur covering my clothing. I hope I’d notice the same thing about you; we could laugh like crazy together throughout shedding season.

I started making art (Obsession Number Two) on the day after Thanksgiving in 2013, when my mom asked me to draw her some cartoons. Soon, art became an important part of my healing from long bouts of hypothyroidism that left me limp with fatigue.

Starting with simple, whimsical animals (and they always were animals: that’s Obsession Number One), I progressed to loose impressionism, and then to the realistic approach that you see today. As a mostly self-taught artist, I’ve now developed my own style that blends strong, lifelike rendering with touches of whimsy and magic.

When I am not clutching a pencil with a wild look in my eyes, I work as an animal communicator, bringing people closer to their animals through intuitive awareness. I’ve been working with intuition for over 25 years. Using this gift to help animals is one of my great joys. (If you’re curious, you can read about my training credentials here.)

A long time ago in a big city far, far away, I was once a technical writer and editor in the software industry. I do not miss it at all.


About the Blog

I blogged here throughout my first two years of art-making. If you scroll back in time, you can see my early work, simple drawings, and verbal flailings as I tried like mad to figure out how to make art tick.

Today, I share my work as it develops on the easel, as well as tips and insight into drawing (and animals), with occasional bouts of ridiculousness. Please join the fray.